Monday, July 21, 2014

Born in the inner city? Chances are you'll be poor your whole life. 
Born in the 90210? Most likely rich. 
Born in the suburbs? You could go either way.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class is slowly disappearing. The great divide between the upper and lower class is based in education and increases further with each generation. But why is this?

Someone once wrote that the biggest determining factors of how well a student does in school is 1/3 in-school factors and 2/3 family characteristics (ie poverty, housing, parental education etc).
They're saying that if your parent is poor and uneducated, most likely you move from house to house within a poor district, and you get sick a lot because you lack healthcare, that you do not do as well in school as your suburban or rich counter-part. 

They're saying: You are less educated because you are poor.
I say: You're poor because you have less education.
A small be perceptible difference. 

Why do I say you're poor because you have less education? 

Because every once in a while, a student from a poverty-stricken area will defy the odds and end up at Harvard or Yale or Princeton. Hard work is available for ALL students, no matter how rich or poor the district. This type of student usually takes it upon his or herself to get educated. To find out what they needed to know and do to get into an institution of higher learning. Because their parent certainly didn't know and the poor, usually inner city public school wasn't (or more likely couldn't) offer the resources needed because of minimal funding.
That type of student is an exception. Not the rule. 

So it is not just because your family is poor. It is because your family isn't educated enough to help you. You the student, on the other hand, have always had the power to break the cycle.

Let's take a look at how schools are funded:

In a simplistic nutshell-
School districts' money is spread evenly across their schools...and by evenly I mean the calculation used (based on attendance (not enrollment) and teacher load) is the same for all schools within a district. The initial funding comes from property taxes. 

Some schools/districts qualify for state and federal funding like Title I.
Many times, if a school is in need of specialists like a gang intervention spec or a homeless expert or language coordinator, the school doesn't get extra money for them. The school must find the salaries for the extra positions from their existing allotment of funding. Poor schools, like people, tend to get poorer as time goes on, and then attendance drops so the funding drops. Lower school funding means students are not getting a quality education because of classroom overcrowding, deteriorating buildings, less supplies and resources, and many more resulting factors.
Let's not forget that the federal government is tying test scores to funding. As you can imagine, this is a disaster of epic proportions playing out in slow motion. 

You can now see how schools being funded by property taxes is another big failure. Rich districts have higher property taxes so school funding is higher.  Poorer districts have lower property taxes, so the base funding starts out much lower than its higher-tax counterparts.

Because I am an economics major, let me explain it this way-
In economic terms all the problems together form what is known as 'Economies of Scale' in the public education system. In microeconomics terms, Economies of Scale are the cost advantages that businesses obtain due to size, output, and scale of operations with cost per unit of output generally decreasing with the increasing scale (since fixed costs are spread out over more units of output).

Got that?
In layman's terms- the bigger the operation, the less it costs per unit.
Now think of the school system the same way....larger, richer schools can do more for less cost than a poor, or inner city school can. The product produced is an educated child. 

Over time, this process increases the educated rich and uneducated poor alike, which increases the gap between the two while the middle class is slowly dissolved.

Would increasing the funding for poorer schools have an effect on the number of poor students attending school and obtaining a higher education degree? Possibly. In the short run it could lead to more students attending school. In the long run it could increase the number of students attending college and eventually moving to the upper class category (because in reality how many poor kids go back to their poor neighborhood to live once making it big?).
If this falls true, then the upper class increases as does the divide between the upper and lower classes. There's just more people now in the upper class than lower class.
And if we continue on this track, eventually the lower class (poor) would be eliminated- which sounds like a good thing, doesn't it?
But if the truly poor are eliminated, does that mean there are no more class distinctions?

I doubt it. Because you still have the distinctions on the amount of money individuals earn. Is Bill Gates the same as Micky Arison?
Now you're wondering who Micky Arison is, right?
Both Bill and Micky are billionaires. So why have you heard of one and not the other? 

Because they are not equal, not even in the world of the rich.
Gates, as you know, runs Microsoft and practically every computer in the world has one program or another of his on it.
Micky Arison on the other hand- the best he can do is sell you a trip to the Bahamas or Alaska. Arison is the CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines. 

Gates is worth just shy of $80 billion- a stark contrast to Arison who is worth right around $6 billion.
This difference is the equivalent of living in the North Shore of Chicago or living in Cicero.

While I fully support educating all students equally so they have the same resources, class-size and activities available (and yes, this means that funding is unequally distributed to be higher in some places and lower in others)- adequate funding alone will not correct the bigger problem.

What exactly is the bigger problem?
The bigger problem is that virtue and honor and hard work are no longer desired. As a people, we have divorced knowledge from experience- devaluing the kind of knowledge that comes from hands-on experience and instead substituting classroom lectures by an individual who likewise has no practical experience because he was also taught by a lecturer with no practical experience. 'Upward mobility' and 'social mobility' are the catchphrases of most social programs. 
The American Dream was the idea that everyone has the opportunity for prosperity. Anyone could own a house, start a business, and be a leader in their community. Making laws that directly affect him or herself and the citizens of the community in which they live. However, no longer are communities self-governed within a self-governing state. Instead, a large and imposing centralized government is at the helm making decisions that affect communities in which the rulers do not even live or are connected.

Because of this centralized government, the individuals who do rise to the top become the new ruling class, the elite. They now make the rules that govern your livelihood. And they want to stay there, so they keep the status quo in their favor.

No, what America needs is a return to a more localized form of government. (Big government has a place, but it should not be allowed to overstep its bounds like they do now.)
A focus on all students being educated equally. Male, female, rich, poor, black, white. Doesn't matter.
Hard work and practical application trumps higher learning ( except those in the medical profession- I would really like my doc to have gone to medical school!).
A limit on the number of years an individual can serve in public service positions (total, not each position). Public service was never meant as a career, but a duty you served then went back to your own life.
Eliminate lobbyists.
Eliminate corporation or business donations to political parties and groups.
This all is just a start. There are more things that could be done (or undone) to help- the list is mighty long.

America needs their original American Dream back, without the convoluted cloud of centralized government bureaucracy and ruling elite.
But first, we must raise individuals that believe that life is valuable and that virtue, honor and hard-work are important and worthy characteristics to have.
Then we must convince the new ruling elite to change the status quo for the benefit of future generations, and to vote themselves out of office.

(You can stop laughing now.)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I started thinking that there must be an easier and quicker way to shred chicken then using two forks and 30 minutes of my time.
Tada! There is!
I saw this somewhere else...and I wish I give credit to whom thought of it, but I cannot remember.
So- here's my cheesy little video.
BTW- I cut each breast half in half, and I did a total of three breast halves. Less than a minute. Done!

Friday, May 23, 2014

I had a 50' garden hose that didn't fit in my little garden hose reel bucket thingy (that's the technical term). So I thought about throwing the hose away, being as space is at a premium where I live.
Then I thought, why would I throw out a perfectly good hose? Why not cut it up instead?
So I did.

I managed to get about seven (7) fairly good and equal lengths of hose out of that one 50'er.
Then I went to the dollar store and started buying little garden accessories like seed packets, plastic trowels, takes, etc. I purchased raffia from the craft store, and I already had e6000 and hot glue. I was good to go.

So this is what I had to work with:
Only one piece of the hose is showing. Ever try getting seven pieces of cut up hose in one photo?

It's prettier in person. My concrete basement wall does not do it justice. Nor does my crappy iphone camera.

Close up of a bird in the hand

I used the rake as the hanger

is worth two in the....trowel?
bouncy butterfly

Flake flowers, and real seeds

 And that's it. That's all I did. I circled the hose, e6000 it together, with hot glue as the quick clue holding it in place until the e6000 dried. Then I placed the various pieces of decor around until I thought it looked good, then did the same thing, e6000 in place, hot glue for quick stick.
That's it. It's that quick and that easy. I think I had the hardest time cutting the hose. Those suckers are thick!

Well, good luck with your garden hose craft project!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yeah, I totally made that name up. But it's true. Really it is.
And while I do make my own salsa, you can too. Or buy *cough* *cough* store bought. That's fine. Although I cannot vouch for the taste if you do.
I usually make a double batch of enchiladas because, well, a single batch just isn't enough for two growing boys and Grau. Seriously.  The last time I made these, I only slightly increased the amounts and made 13 enchiladas, and Grau's elderspawn ate eight on his own. I know! EIGHT! Wow.

Absolutely Easy Peasy Yet Fabulous Chicken Enchiladas
Makes 8-10 enchiladas

1 chicken breast, grilled and fork shredded
1/2 cup salsa*
1 c shredded cheddar cheese, divided
8 tortillas
3 T butter
1/8 c flour
1 can chicken broth
1 cup sour cream

Ok- so once you have your chicken grilled and shredded, add the salsa and  half the cheddar cheese. Mix well.

Place a goodly amount on a tortilla,

roll up, and place in 9x13" pan.
Do this until no chicken remains. Like I said --I make double batches, so I end up with 16-20 enchiladas in two pans. If you plan to do this too, double the ingredients.

Melt butter in pot.

Add Flour- make a rue

Add chicken broth and stir until no lumps and it just starts to thicken. Turn off heat.
Don't judge!! I usually make my own chicken broth....but I was out and this was already in my supply room.

Add sour cream. Mix until melted.

                                           Pour over enchiladas.

Add remaining cheddar cheese

Bake at 350' until cheese is melted and enchiladas are heated through. Serve with chips, rice, beans whatever!

Now- if you cannot make your own great salsa- at least open some cans-
take 1 large can of diced tomatoes,
add 1 can rotel
1 diced onion
40 cloves of garlic
two palmfuls of cumin
a good dash of lime juice
One bunch of cilantro
and 2 jalapenos.
Blend until well blended. Place in jar in fridge for a couple hours until it melds together. Done.
Use this in your chicken!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Evil Genius

Not many things in life do I find *not* entertaining. I mean, come on. This world is full of things absolutely meant to make you laugh. Like the New York group that wants to put a satanic statue on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up. It's truly a riot.
And they have a point. If one religion's sculpture can be allowed, then others must as well. Equality and religious freedom and all that.
Of course, those who do not share the satanic religion belief will be (and certainly are) outraged that this is even being suggested.

I hate to break it to some people but- just because you're offended (or disagree with the teachings/law/religion/manner) doesn't mean you get your way. Not even if you are the majority.

The law allows for separation of church and state. However, if the law allowed one religious groups' sculpture, they must then allow for equality among any and all other religions that wish to do so as well.

Now, some argue that the Ten Commandments statue on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds was privately funded, so no harm no foul. Yet, the satanic sculpture is also being privately funded. So there goes that argument.

What it boils down to is this: The majority of the people are Christian (or have no preference of a religion)- but by golly they won't allow anything other than what they find acceptable because they are the majority and they will NOT have some satan worshiping group give people the idea that they could not be christian if they choose.
Tolerance and love, ya'all. Tolerance and love.

Friday, November 8, 2013

So, my son is a bit OCD. His room can be a total mess, but by heaven the lid on the dish soap bottle in the kitchen must be CLOSED. He's reprimanded me several times because I don't care- I leave the flip top open and go about my business.

So, one day I thought, Hmmm....I could totally mess with him and see what he does....

So this is what *I* did...

I cut the flip top lid off the dish soap....

And then I waited.......

And waited........

And waited........

For about a week.
Tonight, Grau and I ran out to the store for a couple things, and apparently said son JUST found the dish soap. So what did he do?


BWAH HAHAHAHAH. I'm sorry, but that was the first thing I saw when I walked in the back door, and I nearly fell over I was laughing so hard.

Mom: 1
Son: OCD.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting Techy

Yeah, that's me. I'm getting techy. I just started a Google blog thingy (yup, that's the technical term) because I wanted to upload a zipped file to one of my popular posts, but couldn't. Blogger doesn't allow me to do that. So I opened a google blog thingy and uploaded the file there, then linked it to my post on here and vice versa.

See. No problem!